Founded by Mary Muszynski in 2012, LANDIBLE is a small studio of people trained in landscape architecture, architecture, and art who share a passion for our natural world. We are inspired by outdoor adventures, big and small.  We thrive on tracking the important elements through complex situations. We are rigorous about clarity, especially in the technical aspects of our work.  We design landscapes and gardens that are custom, unique, and thoughtfully planned out. 


We value direct, thoughtful communication. We are rigorous in developing the right technical solutions tailored to the needs of the project.  We are driven by creativity, technical clarity and the highest level of personal dedication to clients and their projects.  

Range of Projects

Our projects range from master plans for multi-acre sites to intricate, highly detailed garden rooms to renovations of extensive private gardens.

Project steps

When you engage a landscape architect some questions may arise. Here a few answers to questions we've heard from our clients that might be useful.